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464504_10151642790210010_359624616_oPin My Travels is based in Portland, OR and owned by two long time travel enthusiasts – David and Kristen. A few years ago, I (David) wanted to get Kristen a map so we could mark all the places we’d been, together and separate, as well as plan our next adventures. After looking around at a variety of stores and online shops, I was disappointed because there were only a few places I found that carried maps that I could pin, and everyone was basically selling the same map! And they seemed a little cheesy just printing my name on the map, plus they were kind of expensive…I am a pretty crafty guy, so I figured I would make one, and even if it ended up costing a little more, at least it would be exactly what I wanted. Well, in the end I got a much better result, and for a lot less money! And that is where it ended…for a while.

We have the original map I made hanging up in our hallway of our house, so everyone who comes over walks by it. I swear to you, everyone that has been to our house and walked down our hallway has said how cool our map was and asked where they could get one.

After the hundredth person said that, Kristen and I decided we’d start making the maps for friends and family. Eventually, word spread to friends, and the rest is history! Now we’ve got our site setup so we can share our maps with you – our valued customers!P1080198

Since starting Pin My Travels, we have added two great additions – our family!  Nickie Johnson who processes each order from start to finish and Jonathan Sinclair who makes each map and ensures that you receive the best map around!

Thanks for shopping. If you have any questions, let us know!


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If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us at (503) 427-8091! Dismiss