Italian Wine Tour with Vittorio

Italian Wine Tour with Vittorio

If you are going to Italy, and you’ll be in the Tuscany region, Italy and Wine’s tour with Vittorio is a must. My wife and I did it because we read some positive reviews on Trip Advisor and we weren’t interested in renting a car and driving around on our first trip to Italy. Initially, we were a little put off by the price since we would only be visiting two wineries over the course of an entire day. Being from Portland, OR we were used to driving out to Dundee, OR and spending half a day stopping in at three or four wineries…but this story has a happy ending.

First of all, this experience was worth every penny. Vittorio is both very knowledgable as well as generally pleasant to talk with. Second, the wine trip was very different from what we were used to. This was an indepth guided experience, not just a tour. The drive out to the winery was long and gave Vittorio a chance to tell us about

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