What are your framing options?

Our maps are sent to you in customized Italian wooden frames from a local Portland framing company – Lara Sydney Framing. All frames are high-end, high-quality wood frames. Our maps come in a standard one inch black or dark brown frame (up to you) and can easily be upgraded. Because your map is made specifically for you, you can always let us know what you’re looking for and we will work to accommodate! If you prefer a different framing option that has not been provided, please feel free to contact us directly to learn more about different framing options.

Why are your pinnable travels maps so much less expensive than other options out there?

One reason — Because we are awesome. Also, we don’t purchase our maps from the same place as everyone else you see out there does. Most places with this type of product all carry the same maps because they are buying the finished product wholesale, marking them up, and selling them to you. We make every pinnable map by hand, so you get a better quality product, with more options, for less cost. How is it cheaper? Because we get each piece wholesale, we have greater control over the final product, and the costs!

Are your maps customizable?

Yes! Every map is hand built and has up to four name plates that can be added and customized when you place your order. With our unique setup, you can also change the labels in your name plates at any time! Unlike the few other options on the market, your labels are not simply printed on existing maps, giving your greater flexibility and a better look.

How fast do your maps ship?

Since all of our maps are customized to meet your needs, we currently have a 7-14 day waiting period with standard shipping. It is our goal that we exceed all shipping deadlines so your personalized map arrives even sooner. If there is a holiday coming up, we will expedite to ensure you get your map on time!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, coupons are issued periodically and will be offered to our returning customers first and then posted to our website.  If there is a coupon, you will not have to search for it.

We are currently offering a coupon code for the month of July. To receive 15% off your Pin My Travels map order, enter code: 15%JulySpecial. This code can be combined with free shipping.

Can we track the progress of our maps?

Of course! We will send you a status email upon your initial order, an email when your map ships with a copy of the tracking number, and a third email confirming the completion of our order. 

What do we need to hang our maps?

The only tools you will need are a hammer and nail, measuring tape, and a pencil. The map comes ready to hang, with the wire attached.

Is Pin My Travels Eco-Friendly?

Yes!  Pin My Travels makes every effort to be as green as possible. So, while the corners to protect your map during shipping are made of evil Styrofoam, the annoying little peanuts we all hate are completely recyclable, made from cornstarch!  All you have to do is pour a little water on them and they will dissolve. In addition, the cardboard box is also eco-friendly and can be recycled.

Don’t know where a recycling center is near you?  Go to: http://earth911.com for more information.

Has Pin My Travels maps been featured elsewhere?

Yes!  Pin My Travels has been featured on two blogs – The Story of Simzgirl and 6th Street Design School – 2012 Gift Guide for Kids. 

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