Our NW Adventures – Day 1: Seattle & Bainbridge Island

Our NW Adventures – Day 1: Seattle & Bainbridge Island

Since we feel like we never get to see or do as much as we would like when we travel, we loaded up the car and were on the road by 8am. Our trip was off to a great start….Friday with the day off (at least for me), clear I-5, 65 mph drive in the carpool lane and great company, until we were pulled over by Washington State Police…so much for a good start.  After he finished giving us our $180 ticket for speeding, we were on our way again – determined to make it to Seattle and have a great time.

When we finally arrived in Seattle, we headed straight to our hotel.  We were staying at The Westin Seattle located in downtown Seattle in the financial and shopping district. Not only does the Westin have THE MOST COMFORTABLE BEDS with their signature Heavenly Bed, but we also got a discount for being AAA members!  My husband usually likes to stay at Kimpton hotels, but we figured you couldn’t go wrong with a Westin either. After we settled in, David had to go to speak at a conference (the whole reason for weekend getaway) and I promptly headed to Nordstoms to pass the time.

Our weekend itinerary began with lunch at Serious Pie. I must say this was a HUGE success.  David and I LOVED the pizza, atmosphere and customer service. We had the Friday special – leek pizza with truffle cheese — it was ridiculously good. All of the pizzas are cooked in an open pizza oven so you could smell the delicious aroma as soon as you walked in and clearly lots of people already knew about this hidden gem because it was packed when we arrived. And, apparently we had to wait a little longer than normal so they comped our lunch. Seriously? That was awesome.

After our late lunch, we walked around the beautiful city of Seattle, in and out of shops, window shopping and getting our much needed exercise in with the rolling hills of the city. We had a relaxing hour or two before the next item on our itinerary – dinner at a pub over on Bainbridge Island.

To get to Bainbridge Island, you have to take a ferry ride; I was very excited, first ferry ride! Once on board, we of course took some photos on the deck and then headed towards the back so that we could see our nearing destination – Bainbridge Island!

Bainbridge Island was so peaceful. As we approached the island you could see the small-town with its quiet harbors and beautifully lined docks with boats rocking. Our destination for dinner was a short walk from the ferry at the Harbor Public House, we found beautifully lined sidewalks with yellow tulips and murals of art on fences. My favorite piece of art, however, was a rock sculpture!

Clearly, Megan knew the “it” places to eat because like Serious Pie, Harbor Public House was packed (definitely recommend making a reservation  in the future)! But, once we were seated, I am glad we stayed. We ordered a side of the french fries, The Pub Burger and the Soup Bowl and we were once again in food coma and loving every minute. While sitting at the communal table, we also met the owners of Ed Smith Books. They specialize in literary first editions, signed books, and screen plays that are very difficult to find. They told us more about Bainbridge and how they arrived in the small little town of 3,147 people. Unfortunately, we had to get back to our ferry as the last ferry was leaving soon. So we said our goodbyes and headed back to see the beautiful Seattle skyline. Ferry ride back was very pretty since we could see the Seattle skyline, and pleasantly uneventful. With a full belly and many miles under our feet for the day, we headed back to the hotel and a good night’s rest.

Day 2’s schedule was no less eventful and had some really cool can’t miss items, so stay tuned! best essays uk

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