Our NW Adventures – Day 2: Seattle’s Must-See Attractions

Our NW Adventures – Day 2: Seattle’s Must-See Attractions

Day 2 of our adventures are no less exciting! Below are some of Seattle’s Must-See Attractions (Note: These attractions are listed in order of driving directions to make the best use of time):

#1 – Pike Place Market: Pike’s Place Market is in downtown Seattle by the Waterfront and is definitely a must-see! We literally go to Pike’s Place every time we go to Seattle. According to the website, they are open 19 1/2 hours a day, 362 days a year and have a variety of places to eat and things to buy in their nine acres!  But these are my top favorites.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – You can see the cheese being made as you wait for some of the most delicious Mac & Cheese you might ever have!

Crepe De France – If you love crepe’s you will love this place! The crepes are hand-made with fresh ingredients in front of you. Who could ask for more?

Daily Dozen Donut Company – Warm, fresh donuts by the dozen. You can get sugar donuts, glazed donuts or assorted. YUM!

Market Spice – They sell bulk teas, spices and coffees! My favorite is cinnamon-orange – both spicy and sweet.

Pike’s Place Fish Market – These guys are famous for throwing, catching and playing with fish. Need I say more?

Starbucks – The Original Starbucks Coffee house is centrally located! If you love coffee, you have to stop by and get a cup where it all began!

Honorable Mention –  There are various smaller stands setup with fresh fruits, produce and flowers. There are also a ton of local artists!

#2 – Space Needle: In my opinion, it would be an injustice to go to Seattle and skip the Space Needle. When we went, the Space Needle was celebrating its 50th Birthday!   This iconic structure gives you a 360 degree view of Seattle. You can’t beat that!  The surrounding areas are also pretty cool.  They include glass sculptures, artistic art scattered throughout, exhibits and the EMP Museum.

#3 – Kerry Park: Kerry Park might be my favorite recommended places! While, I might disagree that this destination is a “park” it is definitely a great place to see the Seattle skyline. Donated in 1927 by Mr. & Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry Sr., Kerry Park offers some of the best views of Seattle, including the Space Needle. It is also located in the Queen Anne Hill neighborhood with beautiful large Renaissance style homes lining the narrow streets.

#4 – The Fremont Troll:  Its not every day you can find a troll under a bridge! This huge life-size troll sits under the North End of the George Washington Memorial Bridge and is a huge tourist site! It even holds a Volkswagen Beetle. But the coolest feature, was that it was featured in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You!”

#5 – Gas Works Parks: Also featured in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”, this park reminds me of a true park. Not only is there fun and colorful gas pipes to play on or around, but there is also a large field were people were throwing Frisbees, sunbathing, watching the boats float by or running along the river. There is also a nice view of the Space Needle.

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  1. Camila

    I lived in Seattle when I was an exchange student in the US.
    Looking at these pictures made me a bit nostalgic. Those were such good times!
    Thanks for sharing 😉
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

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