Spooky Travel Destinations

Spooky Travel Destinations

Happy Halloween! What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than finding the best travel sites for Halloween scares and trick-or-treaters!  This list has been compiled from a variety of sources to help guide your holiday travel plans!

Here is my top 5 list of some of the must-see spooky places to experience (not in any particular order).

  1. Salem, Massachusetts – Take a walk along the Witch Trial Trail with candlelight or attend the Annual Halloween Costume Ball at the historic Hawthorne Hotel in costume.
  2. Estes Park, Colorado – Stay at the Stanley Hotel, especially the 4th floor which is said to be most haunted. This hotel inspired Stephen King’s novel and movie – The Shining.
  3. West Virginia State Penitentiary – If you love paranormal activity, visit the West Virginia State Penitentary.  You are allowed to tour this penitentiary any time of the year, however, during Halloween you are allowed to visit the “Dungeon of Horrors” which is in the basement and is said to have the most paranormal activity occurs.
  4. Prague, Czech Republic (Europe) – Check out the Sedlec Ossuary, a Roman Catholic chapel located beneath the Cemetary Church of All Saints in Czech Republic. The Ossuary is estimated to have skeletons of 40,000 to 70,000 people whose bones decorate and furnish the chapel. Decorations of bones include a chandelier and a signature of Rint. Prague, the capital of Czech, has the torture museum. This museum displays instruments of torture, shows tutorials on the history of torture and its use in human society.
  5. Toronto, Canada – Previously a psychiatric hospital, the Powerhouse of Terror is a haunted attraction and said to be one of Toronto’s most haunted sites. The Powerhouse of Terror includes activities like “Quarantine 2” where you are in a Zombie Apocalypse and must fight for your survival or “Buried Alive” a simulated burial slideshow attraction.

If you have children, some of the best neighborhoods for trick or treating include:

  1. Beacon Hill, Boston – This upper-class neighborhood generally hands out king-sized candy bars as treats to enjoy. No miniature sized candies here!  There is also fancy decorations and celebrity sightings to boot!  Boston is also home to several candy manufacturers such as Clark Bars, Mighty Malts & Candy Buttons.
  2. Presidio Heights, San Francisco – This part of San Francisco is flat, with wealthy homeowners and giant-sized candy bars. Houses are also close together with several homes on each side of the street – so you can gather the most candy in the least amount of time.
  3. Upper Canada Village, Kingston, Ontario – During Pumpkinferno, Heritage Park displays over 4,000 carved pumpkins, pumpkin sculptures  a Tent O’ Treats for children and adult dining including themed snacks.
The best local neighborhoods to visit for trick-or-treating in Portland, Oregon have been identified as:
  • Laurelhurst
  • Alameda
  • Mount Tabor
  • Beaumont-Wilshire
  • Sellwood/Moreland

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